Felix E. Grant Jazz Archives


The Felix E. Grant Jazz Archives at the University of the District of Columbia JAZZforum series is a research and outreach initiative started in 2009. These regular events feature lively presentations on diverse aspects of jazz from writers, musicians, filmmakers, educators, and a wide range of scholars. Presentations are videotaped for broadcast on UDC-TV and for access on the website of the Jazz Archives. For upcoming JAZZforums and other events see JAZZAlive Events.

Episode Title Date Participant/s Subject
01 Trane Times Two Sep 23, 2009 Yasuhiro Fujioka & Andrew N. White, III Coltrane, John
02 My Father And I—Two Lives In Jazz Oct 16, 2009 Will Friedwald Friedwald, Will
03 Gigi Gryce—Beyond The Rat Race Nov 18, 2009 Michael Fitzgerald & Noal Cohen Gryce, Gigi
04 Celebration of Bill Gottlieb Feb 17, 2010 Delia P. Gottlieb & Steve Gottlieb with Larry Appelbaum Gottlieb, William P.
05 Jutta Hipp: European First Lady of Jazz Mar 17, 2010 Katja Von Schuttenbach Hipp, Jutta
06 Music Inn Apr 14, 2010 George Schuller Music Inn
07 David Sager Sep 22, 2010 David Sager Sager, David
08 W. Royal Stokes Oct 20, 2010 W. Royal Stokes Stokes, W. Royal
09 Dance—the Unsung Element of Ellingtonia Nov 17, 2010 Patricia Willard Ellington, Duke, 1899-1974
10 Butch's Blues--The Life and Music of Edward 'Butch' Warren Mar 14, 2011 Butch Warren, Antoine Sanfuentes, Natasha Lebedeva & Bertrand Uberall Warren, Butch
11 Twenty-Five Years of the CBCF ALC Jazz Issue Forum and Concert Mar 30, 2011 W.A. Brower & Cedric Hendricks Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. Annual Legislative Conference
12 African Rhythms: The Autobiography of Randy Weston Apr 7, 2011 Dr. Randy Weston & Willard Jenkins Weston, Randy
13 Paul Anthony Apr 13, 2011 Paul Anthony Anthony, Paul
14 Lee Konitz: Future and Past Sep 21, 2011 Lee Konitz, Brad Linde & Dan Tepfer Konitz, Lee
15 Norman Granz - The Man Who Used Jazz For Justice Oct 26, 2011 Tad Hershorn Granz, Norman
16 Washington's U Street: A Biography Nov 16, 2011 Blair Ruble & Rusty Hassan U Street (Washington, D.C.)
17 Steve Novosel with Rusty Hassan Feb 15, 2012 Steve Novosel & Rusty Hassan Novosel, Steve
18 Maurice Lyles with W. A. "Bill" Brower Mar 21, 2012 Maurice Lyles & W.A. "Bill" Brower Lyles, Maurice
19 Sharing Jazz's Treasures: a panel discussion on new educational resources Apr 18, 2012 Dr. John Hasse, Edward Burgess & Daniel Sheehy Discover Jazz (multimedia textbook) & Jazz: The Smithsonian Anthology (CD set)
20 A Family Celebrates the Life and Music of Eddie Harris Sep 26, 2012 Sara Harris, Lolita Harris, Yvonne Harris Burnley Harris, Eddie
21 A Family Celebrates the Life and Music of Rufus Harley "the world's first jazz bagpiper" Oct 24, 2012 Noah Harmony Shoatz, Messiah Harley, America Patton Harley Harley, Rufus
22 A New Look at Marian McPartland Nov 01, 2012 Paul de Barros McPartland, Marian
23 Joann Stevens, Program Director - Jazz Appreciation Month Feb 20, 2013 Joann Stevens, Eddie Gale, Jazz Appreciation Month, Smithsonian, public relations Stevens, Joann
24 Pepper Adams' Joy Road - Gary Carner Apr 17, 2013 Carner, Gary Adams, Pepper, 1930-1986
25 Nasar Abadey & SUPERNOVA®- Jazz and the Civil Rights Movement Sep 17, 2013 Nasar Abadey, James King, Joe Ford, Allyn Johnson, Supernova, Maurice Jackson Civil rights
26 Willard Jenkins: Keeping Jazz Alive Oct 16, 2013 Willard Jenkins, William Brower Jenkins, Willard
27 Robert "Bobby" Felder Nov 13, 2013 Bobby Felder, William Brower Felder, Robert 'Bobby'
28 Chuck Redd Feb 19, 2014 Chuck Redd Redd, Chuck
29 Arthur C. Dawkins, Ph.D. Mar 24, 2014 Arthur C. Dawkins, William Brower Dawkins, Arthur C.
30 Exploring DC Jazz History Apr 21, 2014 Rusty Hassan, Willard Jenkins, Blair Ruble, Michael Fitzgerald DC Jazz
31 Percussion Legend: Warren Smith Sep 17, 2014 Warren Smith, Carrington Davis Smith, Warren
32 Sun Ra in Century 21 Oct 22, 2014 Thomas Stanley Ra, Sun
33 Film Screening '7th & T' Documentary with Rusty Hassan Nov 19, 2014 Rusty Hassan Washington, DC, film, U Street
34 International Sweethearts of Rhythm Mar 23, 2015 Joann Stevens International Sweethearts of Rhythm
35 A Celebration of the Life and Music of Shirley Horn Apr 13, 2015 Rainy Smith, Warren Shadd, Jessica Boykin-Settles Horn, Shirley
36 Muneer Nasser - UpWrite Bass: The Musical Life and Legacy of Jamil Nasser Jun 9, 2015 Muneer Nasser Nasser, Jamil
Episode Title Date Participant/sSubject