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Library Instruction

We believe that library instruction is an important tool that can support the learning objectives of any course. To be the most effective, library instruction should address the actual needs of the student; faculty have an important role to play in helping the librarian determine the appropriate type and level of library instruction for the class.

The goal of library instruction is to provide students with the skills necessary to access and effectively use the appropriate types of information for college level work. 

To register for one of these services, please use the Information Literacy Services Request form.

The Information Literacy Program offers four types of library instruction:

Introduction to Library Services
This session is intended for Freshmen or Sophomores who have little to no experience using an academic library.  This session provides information on the services offered by the library, the type of materials the library provides, the Washington Research Libraries Consortium and how to get help.  It will also introduce such basic concepts as differentiating between academic and popular materials. 

Introduction to Research
This session is intended for students who have taken Introduction to Library Services or who have a basic understanding of library services, the resources provided by the library and how to access resources.  It will introduce basic research tasks, such as defining a topic, identifying keywords and constructing search statements.

Resource Specific Instruction
These sessions will teach to a specific resource, such as a database or the library catalog. 

Prerequisite:  Introduction to Library Services, Introduction to Research or a demonstrated knowledge of library resources and search techniques.

Curriculum Specific Instruction
These sessions will teach to the particular resources within a subject area. 

Prerequisite:  Introduction to Library Services, Introduction to Research or a demonstrated knowledge of library resources and search techniques.

Additional Services

Curricular Support
Curricular support can be provided in many different forms and in varying situations.  Some examples include the development of worksheets or assignments intended to address information literacy or research skills, creation of resource guides for classes or assignments, or providing feedback to students. 

This type of support is most successful when the instructor and the librarian work together to address the particular needs of the students and the course.

Individual tutoring sessions for students
We are happy to schedule appointments for students so that they can have an opportunity to receive one-on-one attention. 

Professional Development Opportunities
The information literacy program provides sessions on library services and resources during each semester’s Professional Development Week.  We are happy to work with departments to address any type of professional development need they may have throughout the year.

For more information, or if you do not see your particular need listed on this page, please contact Rachel Jorgensen, Information Literacy Librarian, at 202-274-6116.