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Information Literacy

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The UDC Information Literacy Program is founded on the principles and standards produced by the American Library Association and its subsidiary, the American Association of School Libraries. [1] [2] These standards were modified in order to address the particular needs of UDC students and faculty. As such, they will be reviewed and revised on a yearly basis by the Information Literacy Librarian in order to respond to the changing needs of students and faculty.

In essence, the mission of the Information Literacy program is to provide access to materials, training and learning opportunities, and curricular support so that UDC students can obtain the following competencies:

PERSONAL ASSESSMENT ⇒ Acquiring or refining the ability to accurately assess personal capability, knowledge, and skills.

INFORMATION ATTAINMENT ⇒ Identifying what information is needed and locating it in an efficient and effective manner.

EVALUATION ⇒ Critically analyzing information and its source.

ETHICS ⇒ Understanding the legal and ethical responsibilities inherent in the use of information and adhering to relevant laws and University policies.

KNOWLEDGE ACQUISITION ⇒ Using information obtained to create new personal knowledge and sustain lifelong intellectual growth.

A UDC student with these competencies will:

[1] American Library Association. Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education. Chicago: Association of College and Research Libraries, 2000.

[2] American Association of School Librarians. Standards for the 21st Century-Learner. Chicago: (Last accessed May 25, 2010).

For more information contact Rachel Jorgensen, Information Literacy Librarian, at 202-274-6116.