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Borrowing, Renewing, and Returning

Eligible Borrowers

The collections of the Learning Resources Division are available to all University students, faculty, alumni association members, retirees, and staff. Students and faculty of Washington Research Library Consortium (WRLC) member institutions may use UDC’s facilities and borrow circulating materials.

Unaffiliated residents of the District of Columbia may not borrow materials but are invited to use our book and media collections on campus.

ID Cards

Students, faculty, and staff must present a valid University identification card to the circulation staff prior to borrowing materials from our collection. Retirees will be issued a special Learning Resources Division borrower’s card. Upon first use, a bar code will be affixed to the card. ID cards are non-transferable and must be validated at the Circulation Desk (annually for faculty and each semester for students).


Loan Period

For undergraduate students, the loan period for books and media materials is 28 days. For graduate students, the loan period is 42 days.


Loan Period

Faculty may borrow with a loan period of up to 4 months with 3 due dates per year: January 31, May 31, and September 30. However, materials may be recalled after six weeks if a hold is requested by another patron.

Other Affiliated Patrons

Loan Period

For all other eligible patrons, the loan period for books and media materials is 28 days.


Each item may be renewed 3 times if a hold is not requested by another patron. Renewals may be done at the LRD Circulation Desk or online using My ALADIN.

If you reach the renewal limit of 3, you must bring the item in person to the LRD Circulation Desk to either return or have it checked in and re-checked out to your account. This will start the process again, allowing up to 3 more renewals.

Requesting a Hold

A patron wishing to borrow materials currently in circulation may request at the LRD circulation desk that a hold be placed on the items. The requestor will be notified when the items have been returned. Items will be kept on hold for only three days after notification. Remember that Consortium Loan is another option when materials are not available at UDC.

Returning Materials

Materials are to be returned to the Learning Resources Division Circulation Desk (Building 41, Level 5), Van Ness Campus.


Reserve materials are those items, regardless of format, that have been designated by faculty to circulate on a limited basis. These materials are usually shelved behind the circulation desk at the particular site where they were placed on reserve status. Ordinarily, reserve items may be used only within the library, but faculty may choose to allow them to circulate on:

Patron ID will be kept at the circulation desk until item is returned. Materials on reserve can only be circulated overnight from one hour before the facility closes at night until 9 a.m. the next morning.

Non-circulating Materials

Periodicals (journals, magazines, newspapers) and reference materials do not circulate. Photocopiers are provided. The duplication cost is ten cents ($.10) per page. Copyright laws governing the unauthorized duplication of materials should be strictly followed. Regulations are available for consultation in the reference area.


Overdue Items

For books and media materials a fine of twenty-five cents ($0.25) is assessed for each day that the item is overdue. The maximum fine will not exceed $10.00 for each item. Fines will be levied, retroactively, one week after due date.

Fines on reserve materials are based on the time at which the item is due. A fine is charged at the rate of sixty cents ($0.60) per hour, or fraction thereof, for each item that is overdue. The maximum fine will not exceed $10.00.

Lost and Damaged Items

An item will be declared lost if it is not returned 39 days after the due date.

Patrons who have lost or damaged an item beyond repair shall pay $107.00 per item. (This includes a $67.00 lost item replacement fee, $10.00 for a maximum fine, and a $30.00 lost processing fee.)

The Student “Bar List”

Students who have a charge levied against them will find their names on a “Bar List“ which will prevent them from registering for the next semester or from graduating. These students must obtain clearance from the Learning Resources Division to have their names removed from the bar list. The procedure is as follows: