University of the
District of Columbia
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Collection Development Liaisons

The following list indicates the academic area of collecting responsibility for the Learning Resources faculty. University faculty should direct questions and submit purchase requests to the appropriate librarian.

 Academic Department  Contact Librarian  Telephone
Accounting, Finance, and Economics Christopher Anglim 274-5843
Architecture, Engineering, and Technology Rachel Jorgensen 274-6116
Biological and Environmental Science Gemma Park 274-6115
Chemistry and Physics Gemma Park 274-6115
Education Lindsay Sarin 274-6591
English Studies Lindsay Sarin 274-6591
Languages and Communication Disorders Larry Williams 904-9974
Management, Marketing, and Information Systems Christopher Anglim 274-5843
Mass Media, Visual, and Performing Arts Michael Fitzgerald 274-6387
Mathematics Maryalls Bedford 274-5696
Nursing and Allied Health Maryalls Bedford 274-5696
Psychology and Counseling Katie Inmon 274-6029
Urban Affairs, Social Sciences, and Social Work Katie Inmon 274-6029