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Learning Resources Division Policies

Circulation of Materials

The Learning Resources Division develops and maintains the book, periodical, and media collections of the University that are necessary to support learning and research and provides user access to them. To facilitate and ensure that all users are assisted adequately, the Division has established procedures to govern the circulation of materials. Patrons are expected to follow these rules and policies to prevent the suspension of borrowing privileges. Questions concerning these rules and policies and their application may be addressed to any staff member or the appropriate department chairperson. The Dean of the Learning Resources Division has ultimate jurisdiction on related matters.

Use of the Facilities

The Learning Resources Division facilities are exclusively dedicated to information access and dissemination of information for educational purposes. Activities not germane are disallowed.

The Learning Resources facilities are intended for the use of registered students and faculty of the University. LRD extends the use of the facilities and its collections, on site, to District of Columbia residents and visiting scholars for the specific purpose of research and study. This courtesy only applies, when and if, there are no students or faculty in need of services. Children under the age of 16 are not allowed in the facilities, unless they are under the supervision of faculty or staff during a programmed university activity.

Young adults are not permitted to use equipment and must follow general applicable regulations and guidelines which prohibits the use of cell phones or other electronic devices, eating or drinking (other than water), loud talking, group gathering for social purposes, and loitering.

For the safety of all and in order to protect personal property from theft, Partons are not allowed to leave personal belongings unattended at anytime while in our facilities. The Learning Resources Division is not responsible for personal property that is lost or stolen. Any property that is left unattended will be placed in lost and found with Campus Police.

See also: Center for Academic Technology policies for e-labs and auditorium

Additional LRD Policies